Top 7 Softwares You Can’t Do Without as a Cam Model

No matter which industry you happen to find yourself in, leveraging the power of the internet can help you grow about a thousand-fold as you would have using only brick-and-mortar business models.

One of the most important industries on the internet nowadays is the cam modeling industry. Numerous people have achieved incredible financial success in this field, and you can too with the right attitude.

One of the key aspects of leveraging the power of the internet for your business today is adopting the right softwares and tools for your business. If you’re a cam model looking to break into the industry and achieve great success, you will have to adopt the same strategy.

Best Softwares Every Cam Model Must Have

The cam modeling industry is brimming with stiff competition. Thankfully, there is no shortage of incredible software and tools that can help give you a little bit of an edge over the field.

Below we take a look at 7 of the most important things that you simply can’t do without.

Tip Goal and Tip Multi Goal

When it comes to adult web cam shows, one thing the viewers want to feel more than anything is a sense of participation. They want to feel like they’re an integral part of what’s happening in this show. This way, they’re able to tip more and you’re able to earn more as a broadcaster.

Webcam platforms like Chaturbate allow users to make use of different apps, bots and games for this purpose. Some examples are the token keno game and the hidden cam app. 

The voting Apps allow everyone in the room to hold a consensus regarding what they want the model to do next, and with group tipping available, they can all contribute tokens to make that happen.

It’s a win – win for everyone involved.

Crazy Ticket

Crazy Ticket is an app for Chaturbate that allows models to sell tickets to their private shows for a fixed token price. Ticket shows are one of the show types on Chaturbate whereas instead of having users tune in for free and tip along the way, they can just buy the ticket for the show upfront and not have to worry about tipping again 

Crazy Ticket makes the whole process run smoothly without a hint of stress to maintain.


Canva is an all-in-one design tool that is known for its simplicity and affordability. Not only can you perform all the major functions you need when it comes to graphics design, you can do it without taking months to learn how every aspect of the platform works.

With just simple clicks here and there, you can produce designs that will incredibly fascinate your audience. Now you may be wondering, “why would I even need to design graphics as a cam model in the first place?” 

Well, you do this to leverage the power of social media by posting beautiful images and graphics that set you apart and leave your viewers wanting more.


Another reason why it is important to have access to beautiful graphics as an online cam model is to make use of them to customize your profiles. Cam platforms like Chaturbate offer models the opportunity to completely tune up their profiles by customizing their “About Me” page and profile background with strictly unique graphics designs.

For those who might not want to do this for themselves, we advise making use of Designurbate.

Designurbate is a mobile web application that allows users to customize their Chaturbate profiles by employing ready-made templates. Users can easily customize these beautiful templates in a few minutes and get the link to export them to their Chaturbate page in no time.

The software is also free to use so you don’t have to worry about spending money designing profiles when you can spend them elsewhere.

Lovense App

Lovense toys are one of the staples of adult web cam modeling. While there are lots of models who get by without them, it is believed that 2 of every 3 adult webcam models make use of Lovense toys. The reason for this is quite obvious – they make shows interesting, viewers want to see them, and they make sending tips easier.

For instance, the toys have an application that allows for remote control and when integrated on the webcam platforms, it can make for a fun game. In this game, viewers are given the opportunity to take control of the toy through the remote-control application. 

This is done for a fee, and more and more remote activities can be unlocked even further for additional fees. This way, the model gets to earn a lot of money while the viewer gets to have a lot of fun.


Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. The reason it is deserving of a mention on our list, though, is because all through the years it has established itself as being one of the best options for cam models looking to establish a solid presence online.

Not only does Twitter have the right audience for this, they also have a very friendly policy towards adult content, as long as there’s nothing illegal going on.

As a webcam model, you can use twitter to find new fans and followers, and what’s more, you can then start to redirect these followers to your own webcam profiles by inserting your link in your profile.

Anti-Spam Bots

Anti-Spam Bots are one of the numerous available bots on webcam platforms. While every bot has its own key role to play, anti-spam bots are believed to be the most fundamentally important bots every model should have installed in their chat rooms.

This is because no matter how advanced a platform is, there is a huge probability that some spam accounts will still get through. Manually banning and kicking these spammers is unrealistic thanks to their high frequency.

With anti-spam bots you can take this dirty task out of your hands and focus on the more important parts of your cam experience.

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