Why Does Business Need Indian Proxies?

Hiding the IP address allows you to achieve your goals: from bypassing blocking on a regional basis to protecting your computer from hacking and convenient parsing. In this article, we will talk about Indian proxies.

Proxies types

There are different types of proxies:

  • server – they have a large pool of addresses, an affordable price, and a high level of anonymity;
  • private – only one user has access to the address;
  • resident – low degree of confidentiality, stable operation and legality of use.

Residential proxies are used to fulfill corporate purposes. It is easily explained by their reliability and a high level of resource trust in such proxies. The chance of blocking an address is reduced to zero, because no site will risk banning requests from real IP addresses that are used by residential proxies.

Why do you use a proxy?

In addition to such bonuses as watching movies and downloading games, for the average user the use of proxies also opens up new business opportunities. Let’s look at the key points.

Brand protection

For many commercial organizations, the fight against counterfeiting is an invariably urgent problem. And it can be solved with the help of Indian proxies. Sellers of counterfeit goods often block access to the site for countries where the brand is officially represented. Using Indian proxies, you can easily identify scammers from India and be able to make legal claims against them.

Get information about competitors

Proxies are used to explore other sites in order to collect information on selected sites. Thanks to the proxy, you can send requests from the addresses of suitable countries. In this case, the IP address will not be blocked.

Testing new features

Proxies allow you to test innovations in mobile applications and websites. Thanks to them, you will see the work of functions through the eyes of ordinary users. In addition, it is possible to send many requests to test the performance of sites under increased loads.

Performance check

International companies need to have a clear idea of ​​how fast a site loads for users in India. Indian proxies will help you get accurate information.

Content integration

The work of many companies is based on the integration of content from portals and news sites. The business collects all this data in one system. The use of proxies gives companies the opportunity to have an up-to-date database, bypassing blocking systems.

Proxy and marketing

Using a proxy, you can test advertising campaigns. They allow you to monitor the effectiveness of search engine optimization, as well as to study the appearance of an advertisement for the Indian residents. Speed, safety, comfort – that’s what any user wants to get. Choosing a good provider will allow you to get quality services and not think about blocking.

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