7 Mistakes That Probably Drive Away Instagram Followers

In comparison to Facebook, Instagram is a pretty faced paced environment that can give you endless hours of scrolling, but it isn’t so fast paced that once you upload something it’ll be forgotten in the Instagram ether within 30 minutes. Instagram can be a tricky one and you need to be able to strike a balance to make sure that you not only gain new followers but keep the ones you already have. You should be using instagram followers growing services, such as offered by BuzzVoice.com to stay ahead of competition.

Follow our guide to make sure you aren’t making the fundamental errors that you can see you lose and drive away Instagram followers.

You Can’t Strike A Happy Medium

You need to get your posting frequency right, if you post too little, your Instagram users are going to forget you exist, this also includes stories. Make sure you post and use stories on a regular basis to ensure that you stay in the minds of your audience, however, don’t post every minute of every day. If you are uploading shots every hour on the hour, your followers are going to get sick of the sight of you. Have a look at how often your competitors post and gauge your posting off their actions.

You Don’t Engage Properly

Everyone loves seeing people engage with their posts, but if you mindlessly comment on everything you see without understanding the context or considering what you are commenting on, you are going to lose followers. Instead of commenting with emojis, which is the easiest thing to do, write something. Users will appreciate the effort and will reciprocate in kind!

You’re Being Dull and Disinteresting

No one comes onto social media to be bored, so why make you boring? You need to make yourself stand out from other users. Make sure you use your own original pictures that are well edited and follow the same vibe as your other images. Don’t get lazy when you are writing your captions either, the last thig users want to sees is an interesting photo, with little to no explanation about it. Allowing users the space to try and work out what this image is saying without giving them guidance will see them unfollowing you for being disinteresting.

You use L4L and F4F hashtags

There is little more than infuriates other Instagram users than feeds that use the like for a like and the Follow for follow hashtags. Sometimes these hashtags have even been banned. It may seem like a fast way to get reciprocated attention on your posts, but this isn’t the case. You will find that people will actually avoid engaging with profiles that do this and will unfollow you.

You Don’t Use Analytics

Instagram provides you with analytics to use to see where your highest level of interaction comes from, the demographic breakdowns and what times you are reaching your audience. If you don’t use this data package that comes as standard within the business and creator upgrade, then you are selling yourself short. It takes little to no time to understand the data and using it in your strategy moving forward can make all the difference.

You Don’t Use Growth Services

Growth services aren’t just for big businesses, brands and influencers, anyone can use them and they can really help you organically grow your feed without you having to. Instead of you spending hours that you may not have on the app engaging with others, liking posts and following similar accounts, you can use a growth service that automates these actions for you and grows your account in return. This frees up your time to create amazing, original and high-quality content for your audience without you having to compromise.

You’re Collaborating with the Wrong People

Not all collaborations are created equal so you shouldn’t treat them as such. Why would you collaborate with an influencer that doesn’t reflect your values at all? It will just serve to reflect badly on you and your brand as your audience will see that you are only entering into this collaboration for the increased likelihood of new followers. This isn’t a good look on anyone or any account, so if you are going to collaborate, make sure that it is with someone or a brand that represents you and what you are trying to promote.

Final Thoughts

Instagram isn’t just a numbers game and it doesn’t just come down to how many people you leave thumbs up emoji on their post. You need to actively engage with your audience rather than passively engaging and expecting a reply. Treat Instagram like you would any business or other part of your life, focus on quality not quantity. A growth service can help you do this by engaging only with the pre-determined demographic that meets your audience requirements rather than just following everyone and everything. These are the seven mistakes that drive away followers, so make sure you don’t make any of these and you’ll increase your following in no time!

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