12 Best Free Blogging Websites 2020

Free blogging destinations have made some amazing progress as of late, and it’s presently simpler than at any other time to make an expert looking website to impart a pastime to like minded individuals, express your assessments, and set up an online nearness. These free blogging locales are gone for specialist bloggers – websites are made and oversaw on the web, and facilitated on the blogging stage’s very own servers. In case you’re keen on making a static site as opposed to an online diary, investigate our manual for the best free web designers. Here are a portion of the top blogging locales that are accessible and the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing each to make your next home on the Internet.

Blogging is an incredible method to interface with the world. Regardless of whether you blog to express your enthusiasm for your side interests, blog to associate on an individual level with others or blog to help advance a business, it tends to be an incredible method to interface with the world. In this article I’ll be evaluating every one of the prevalent blogging locales accessible today. If you’re new to blogging , you will have to choose among various blogs. This implies much of the time you will surrender the choice to change HTML or CSS code. In the event that you who have been blogging for some time, these choices for coding might be progressively essential to you. 


On the off chance that you need to begin with your free blog, Wix is definitely justified even despite a look. This simplified web designer offers more than 500 planner made layouts just as a lot of extra includes and applications, alongside top-grade facilitating so you can rest guaranteed your website will be there when you need it. Read more features on this Wix review from top web experts.



Open source programming content administration framework Joomla is a famous decision among the blogging network. Amazing and adaptable, Joomla can be utilized to manufacture any sort of site or blog, with configuration highlights including the capacity to make your own layout and render HTML for articles/varieties of information. It additionally uses Bootstrap for immaculate responsive plans.



Yola confines you a piece in the event that you have fantastic designs for your blog – you can just have two locales and three site pages with its free arrangement – however the upside is a solid capacity. Also, in the event that you have what it takes, at that point you can alter your CSS so as to adjust your site’s look.



No one realizes how they’re going to need to show their articles a couple of years down the line. It considers this a ‘Programming interface first’ approach, so your substance is put away on its servers and you can call it into any plan or stage as you like.



In the event that the people over at WordPress are to be accepted (and they appear to be appropriately dependable sorts), the stage presently ‘powers’ just about 33% of the web. On the other hand, more data on what’s conceivable there can be found at WordPress.org.



Somewhat, Tumblr feels somewhat like a shelter among WordPress and Twitter. It offers more degree than the last mentioned, yet will in general support preferably increasingly brief yield over the previous. A very amazing blogging platform for new bloggers.



You’d trust with a name like ‘Blogger’ that Blogger would be an average free blogging administration. Luckily, it is. Sign in with your Google ID, and you can have a blog ready for action in a moment or two, which would then be able to be altered with new subjects. It is, be that as it may, a Google administration, so be a touch attentive, given how unexpectedly that organization now and again closes things down that a great many individuals were cheerfully utilizing.



Medium is the brainchild of Twitter’s organizers, and has all the earmarks of being their endeavor to accomplish for ‘longreads’ what they once accomplished for microblogging. The outcome is a socially-situated spot that underscores composing, in spite of the fact that inside an incredibly secured set-up. It’s a spot to blog in the event that you need your words to be paid attention to, and in the event that you support a cleaned, streamlined encounter. However, in case you’re enthusiastic about customisation and control, look somewhere else.



Portraying itself as a “blogging stage intended to enable you to think”, Svbtle is genuinely like Medium in methodology. Like Medium, it strips everything ideal back, bringing about a striking, a la mode experience that pushes words to the fore. It could without much of a stretch become your preferred free blogging stage for the demonstration of composing, however it again depends on you likewise needing something very basic and not thinking a scribble about customisation.



Subrion is very easy to understand and comes stuffed with highlights to meet an extent of needs.Very easy to use, it accompanies a huge amount of incredible highlights including full source altering, per-page authorizations, client movement observing, to give some examples. What’s more, its capacities stretch out to the requirements of bloggers directly through to corporate super entrance.



Weebly charges itself more as a site creation framework than something for exclusively making a blog. It’s based around simplified segments, which empower you to rapidly make new pages. In any case, blogging is additionally part of the framework, and you gain admittance to customisable formats, a lot of free subjects, and the standard sharing highlights you’d expect, to spread your words far and wide.



Pen.io’s methodology is additionally somewhat not quite the same as its counterparts. Curiously, it doesn’t require a login – rather, you characterize a URL for a post and set a secret word. Pictures can be hauled into spot, and you can make multi-page posts utilizing a tag. Furthermore, that is about it. Extremely, it’s a stretch to call Pen.io a blog in the conventional sense, yet it’s a respectable choice for slamming out the odd sporadic post, particularly on the off chance that you don’t need any close to home information put away.


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