20 Best Modern Fonts For 2019

We as a whole realize that it is vital to pick the correct font when chipping away at a brand configuration ventures. The choice of what font to utilize is a basic point in any logo design. When talking about business logos, expansive organizations require rich, clean and not very extravagant. You can pick any typeface for your customer’s image; however, it ought to be one of a kind and must have a substantial permit.

There are a huge number of dynamic and differed alternatives with the expectation of complimentary logotype fonts, which you can download from different font asset destinations, yet that may not be appropriate for your expert image logo structure. Picking a free font can be troublesome in light of the fact that just a little measure of value textual styles are accessible on the web and that is difficult to discover all fonts are high calibre.

Picking tasteful modern fonts that work for 2019 and past is imperative. That is the reason as opposed to concentrating on ‘in vogue’ textual styles – I need to enable you to keep your textual style decisions tight, tasteful, and outside of what’s hip right now, however, will be monstrous one year from now. Thus I’ve made a rundown of 20 amazing and modern fonts that you can use in your designs, and not feel embarrassed about the nature of the textual style.

Springfield Font Duo

Springfield Script has an extensive assortment of alternate characters, enabling you to make each word look totally one of a kind to the following! Ligatures are additionally included. It has multilingual help with complemented characters for worldwide clients. Springfield is a high-quality typeface, with charming character and an extremely fun pattern.



Mohave is an all-caps display text style, worked with smooth stature and dynamic glyph. The typeface was made by Gumpita Rahayu. Mohave Typeface is useful for display type, for example, features, notices, titles and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. It is intended for extensive focuses setting, contains three weights incorporates normal, semi striking, and strong italic.



Bonn text style is extraordinary for logos, headings and publications. It accompanies a full arrangement of capital and little letters, numbers and some accentuation. Bonn was intended for use at bigger sizes and looks particularly great in all caps.


Poptis & Heaver Font

This font is a blend of two distinctive font styles ‘content and sans’. Poptis font is accessible in Regular, Bold, and Rough form as a decision to blend and match your plan. This content font accompanies various alternates that will make your words resemble a custom lettering. With extra Heaver font, you will have the capacity to make the wonderful blend.



WalkOn is a free retro font that flaunts straightforward shapes and lessened fancy structures. The font is perfect for headlines. This font can likewise be used for publication duplicate because of a huge range of substitute letterforms, initials and numerals. It gives the client various choices for adaptable and energizing content structure. WalkOn was designed by Hong Kong-based Hanson Chan and Frames.


Bikarosta Font Duo with Extras

Bikarosta is a font family that incorporates 2 fonts with 1 additional swash and additional representation. Incorporates sans and content font records with worldwide dialect, the Bikarosta Script incorporate ligatures. This font is ideal for a template, header, mockup, layout, Instagram quotes, site header, facebook profiles, etc.



Prime is a basic typeface with a geek feel and a strict, geometric starting point. Prime was designed by Bulgaria-based visual fashioner Max Pirsky. He needed to make something that offers extraordinary intelligibility in different sizes yet still offers enough unpretentious contrasts to emerge. The font can be utilized in an assortment of courses from unmistakable titles to body content.


WanderType Font

WanderType is a high quality calligraphy typeface, initially made by hand; with solid brush strokes conveyed an extremely strong impression of typeface. Be that as it may, yet joined with tenderly development, WanderType isn’t just strong, yet additionally conveys dynamic identity to your compositions.



Kolikö was made by Alex Frukta and Vladimir Tomin. Kolikö is a geometric, sans serif with plain bends and a perfect, useful structure. The font is accessible in ordinary, thin and striking styles. Kolikö is reasonable for features all things considered.


Pirate Station

Pirate Station is the hand-drawn font made with a brush. It is useful for amusements, kid’s shows, publications, kids’ books, and at whatever point you need to see unsanitary and interesting yet lucid typeface. The font has a really fun and striking design that makes people want to look at it over and again.


Big John / Slim Joe

Big John is a strong, geometric plan joined by a sister font. Slim Joe is an ultra-light form of its greater sibling. The font was beautifully designed and discharged by Spain-based visual architect Ion Lucin. The two fonts are free for personal and business use.



Coves is a free sans typeface with straightforward adjusted edges, which is extraordinary for titles and logo designs. The font was designed by realistic and type designer Jack Harvatt. This free typeface accompanies two weights, light and striking. Bays was propelled by his place of study, Falmouth, UK.



Exodus is sumptuous lines show serif typeface with a buffet of novel elective characters. The font was designed by USA-based realistic and type creator Andrew Herndon. Exodus was intended to make excellent one of a kind character, which is extraordinary for logos and headings while giving full control to the originator.


Solar Vesta

Solar Vesta Serif is a sharp powerful modern typeface, fusing that excellent differentiation among thick and thin. This gathering houses both content and serif fonts that complement each other flawlessly. Solar Vesta Script incorporates 127 ligatures, alongside a full arrangement of Alternates/Contextuals for a totally adaptable and common tasteful.



Lumberjack is a free troubled typeface comes in four unique styles, including standard, unpleasant, inline and shadow. The font is extraordinary for an assortment of undertakings, features and publication specifically. This typeface is free for both individual and business use. Lumberjack was created by originator Aleksei Kalinin.



Timber is an exceptionally adaptable font with the lines are superbly adjusted to be associated with one another. You can undoubtedly consolidate the letters to accomplish extraordinary typographic impacts, planned by Turkey-based planner Mehmet Reha Tugcu. The font is ideal for logos and any design circumstance where you have a striking typographic message to pass on.


Sansterdam Inline & Outline

Sansterdam Inline & Outline is incredible for titles, logos, flyers etc. This font permits to incorporate more data in a single line. Additionally, Sansterdam has extraordinary Deco adaptation with circle capitalized letters and old style numbers for vore vintage feeling.



Fenix is a free serif typeface intended for display and long messages. The establishments of this typeface are situated in calligraphy, with solid serifs and unpleasant strokes. The font is rich everywhere sizes and neat while with a ton of cadence in little sizes. Fenix was structured by TipoType visual architect Fernando Díaz.


Ailerons Typeface

Ailerons is a perfect, all-caps presentation font, propelled via air ship models from the 1940s, made by Brazilian originator Adilson Gonzales de Oliveira. The font was initially intended for a trial air models venture and Ailerons is currently accessible for individual utilize.


Bukhari Script

Bukhari Script is a strong monoline cursive free font, designed by Indonesia-based Mikrojihad Inc. Bukhari Script is made from a strong line with a PC mouse. The font accompanies four weights – standard, elaborate alternate, complex set and mix. This typeface can be utilized for different design ventures, which is incredible for logotype, blurbs, signage, identifications, bussiness card, shirt structure and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.


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