New Product Ideas for College Students

What crosses your mind when someone calls you a “college dropout?” Well, most students find it embarrassing because they fear people will think or say their parents were too poor to pay their fees. Others fear because people might think they lacked enough brains to finish their studies. The last group hates the “dropout” tag because they fear humans might think they lacked the moral discipline to complete their education. 

However, what would you do if someone told you to drop out of college for a noble cause that would make you one of the world’s richest men? Wow! Definitely, everyone would despise everything people could possibly say or think about them. That’s the position one young man (Bill Gates) who inspired Prof. Phil Gilbert, the founder of, underwent a few years ago. Bill Gates is one of Phil’s inspiring characters in life and innovation. Bill’s decision to drop out of the prestigious and world-renowned Harvard University to start Microsoft always inspired him. He also knew all stuff about SAT breaks while his passion for learning had started at school.

However, as he grew up, he never knew that he too could find himself bearing the “college dropout” tag. His mentor saw and solved a huge problem that confided computers in the hands of a few big business offices. 

When Phil joined college fifteen years ago, he dreamed of graduating with his fellow students. He envisioned a colorful graduation and a good job as a software engineer. However, that was never meant to be!

During one of his early college days, his roommate became sick and almost delayed submitting his computer science paper. He asked Phil if he could assist him in writing the paper for $5. Phil agreed but rejected the money. Later, his roommate returned with excellent grades. Something struck Phil’s mind immediately. He started imagining how many college students like his friend needed help and were willing to pay for it. Phil got into his life’s “eureka” moment.

After deep meditation, he decided to launch a service to address that need. Remember, he was excellent not in writing, but in software engineering. So, he approached his friends Elizabeth Shirley and Hannah Taylor. Fortunately, Elizabeth was very skilled in writing while Hannah had a strong marketing instinct. Together, they created a solution. Phil used his engineering skills to develop an online portal where students could submit orders. Joy used her people skills and passed the word around. The news spread like fire. Meanwhile, Elizabeth was busy writing the initial assignments and setting the pattern for future hired writers. When orders outgrew Elizabeth’s ability to handle, they started recruiting fellow students to assist them with their orders. 

The news regarding their new venture reached the college’s senate. It deliberated on the issue and decided to expel the trio from college. Ungrudgingly, they walked away and concentrated on their college enterprise. Today, these college-bred innovators have students and writers from all over the world! They hire some of their lecturers to help them with their flooding orders! Today, they have nothing to regret since they jell harmoniously like a tricycle where Phil is the front wheel and his two friends the rear wheels. Fortunately, their chemistry is so perfect that none of them cares about their position on the “tricycle.” To them, only one fact matters: they are all moving in the same direction at the same time and speed!

We can learn a few practical principles from Phil’s story. Here are some of the lessons that come out of his story.

  • Never depend on money to bring out a product idea God placed inside you. If Phil or Bill waited for the millions or billions to come first, you wouldn’t be benefitting from Remember, the millions you are seeking are in the idea, and not vice versa. Just follow your dream and passion, and everything will follow.
  • Life is better with complementation and not competition. We all need one another because all of us constitute the whole picture. Phil could have failed if he wanted to be the “megastar” in the company. Remember, none of your body parts competes with each other. Instead, all of them complement one another. So, always look for people who can complement you.
  • If you don’t market your startup product ideas well enough, you could still fail with a smart idea while another person succeeds with a bogus one. Remember, people complain about bad products they use because their manufacturers somehow marketed them to their dissatisfied users. So, never assume your target users know what you have until you tell them so. 

So, we hope this story has inspired you with ideas and experiences to fire you up to the peak of your dreams. Remember, if you don’t wake up like Phil, your dream will remain a dream. Maybe it could still graduate into a nightmare. Therefore, we urge you to launch your ideas while in college as long as possible. See you at the top! 

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