Online Shopping: 11 Amazon Facts You Should Know About

When technology continues to be advanced and innovative to respond to people’s needs, anything can be done online. With the traditional way of transaction, buying, and order delivery now have online platforms. One of the successful online platforms today is Amazon. 

Amazon is a popular online platform for merchants and consumers. Unlike other companies, Amazon didn’t manufacture their products. They focus on product selection, pricing, and giving customers the convenience to make their online shopping experience easy and amazing.

Read on below to know the list of 11 Amazon facts that you should know.

Customer Service Desk

Employees of Amazon report to work at the customer service desk for two days every two years. Even the company CEO does the same. It’s one of the exciting Amazon facts that not everyone knows about it. In fact, it’s a part of the company culture. The practice will significantly help everyone in the company understand the customer service process, so they know how to deal with the customers effectively.

Worldwide Coverage

Amazon continuously becomes successful as an online platform. A report filed last 2015 stated that the company has over 270 million open customer accounts worldwide. That’s a manifestation that the company is significantly growing every year. It has been shipping to over 75 different countries. That means a lot of shipments every day.

Its Name

The name of the company almost became Cadabra, like “abracadabra.” However, the founder renamed it when his lawyer misheard it as “cadaver.” That’s why the name Amazon was created for two significant reasons. It’s suggesting a larger scale because Amazon is the largest river around the world. Also, the name is better for website listing because website listing is done in alphabetical order. Hence, Amazon will usually be on the first list of websites that start letter A.

Logo Creation

The Amazon logo underwent logo revision multiple times. The company’s present logo contains the word “amazon” in small letters with an arrow at the bottom. The arrow starts at the bottom of letter A, and the point ends under the letter Z. It means that the company offers anything, like from A-Z. Also, the arrow looks like a smile which means the company is happy to give what their customers want.

Book Seller

Amazon started as a bookseller online. Its original inventory was only limited to books. The company was first launched at the garage of the founder’s house in 1995. It’s so amazing to think the progress it has significantly reached from solely selling books in its inception. In fact, the first book sold by Amazon was written by Douglas Hofstadler entitled “Fluid Concepts and Creative Analogies: Computer Models of the Fundamental Mechanisms of Thought.”

Repeat Orders

The number of customers of Amazon continues to increase every day. According to research, two in five Amazon customers in the US receive one to two packages every week. It shows that many repeat customers are continuously purchasing orders online. These repeat orders are for customers from eighteen to twenty-five years old.

Subsidiaries Brands

Amazon has name-sake brands like Amazon Echo and the Amazon Kindle. Besides that, it also has many other subsidiaries and brands. It includes, Zappos, Ring, Whole Foods, Kiva, Goodreads, Twitch, Audible, and many others. It only means that the company continues to grow and reach more customers around the globe. In fact, the name Souq is an English-Arabic eCommerce, one of the biggest online platforms in the Arab.

Prime Members

Amazon Prime members receive shopping tips, and other offers and deals intended just for them.  They are also up-to-date with the newest movies and TV shows on Prime Video. Hence, the population of prime members has significantly increased up to approximately 105 million members. These Prime members paid an average of $1,400, and the non-Prime members paid an average of $600.

Federal Taxes

The US government has a particular law providing certain tax breaks to companies that spend an amount for reinvestment, research, and development. Hence, Amazon could use this policy by building data centers and warehouses in the country. That’s why they haven’t paid their federal taxes since 2017, even though their profit was doubled from 2017 to 2018. However, this is still legal because of that policy.

No PowerPoint Presentation Policy

Amazon always promotes creativity and critical thinking in generating new ideas within the company. Hence, PowerPoint presentation is no longer permitted to be used in all meetings. Instead, before the meeting starts, everyone is required to silently read the meeting agenda for a maximum of thirty minutes. No doubt that Amazon has reached where it is now.

Third-Party Sellers

Because of Amazon’s success as an online platform, many merchants want to use the same platform. Hence, nearly 53% of company sales are from third-party merchants. Moreover, 54% of the total paid merchandise or product was sold by third-party sellers in the second quarter of 2019. That’s why these merchants could sell worth $160 billion last 2018.


A company that makes customers the top priority significantly reaches the ladder of success. The online platform that focuses on product selection, right pricing, and the customers’ convenience to do business has a high chance of achieving what Amazon has successfully reached today.

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