5 Simple Web Design Tips to Boost Your Sales

If you’re not making sales, no one cares about your business. All the well-reputed businesses are in leading positions because they’re making sales. That is why as a business owner, selling should be a priority. In fact, all marketing efforts that businesses put in place all round up to boosting the profit margin.

Web design plays a huge role in boosting your conversation rate. Many people use the web design to determine if your website is worth their time. That is why great content alone is not enough. If you must, work with a team of professional web designers, such as a trusted Miami web design agency, to bring your blog to life.

The colors you use should be coordinated and bring out a theme that corresponds with your content.

In case you’re still in college, Make sure you use all the resources at your disposal. Remember that you also need to keep up with your academic performance. As a finalist, research helpers will help you write an impressive thesis. As you know, your graduation is dependent on if you’ll deliver your dissertation on time or not.

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Here are five simple web design tips that’ll help you boost sales.

1. Bold Typography

Big and bold typography works magic as it draws attention to what you’re trying to communicate. Make a habit if using bold when highlighting important points in your content.

This way, readers will know the products and services you offer. Do the same with article titles so that they know what your blog is about when skimming. As you know, most people do not have the time to read blogs word for word. When you use bold typography, readers get a glimpse of what you’re about without much effort.

Do not however, use bold text throughout blogs because it makes reading your articles exhausting. Having bold phrases evenly distributed throughout your text allows readers to take breaks as they read. This is an excellent way of boosting readability and ensuring more readers go through your articles to the end.

2. Optimize Loading Speed

Many people have a busy schedule and they only browse the internet when seeking answers. That means that if your website takes long to load, many people will hit the back button and look for other options.

Your blog should not take longer than 3 seconds to load because this is the current standard loading speed. In case you find out your loading speed is lagging, you should investigate to find out what is causing this problem. Sometimes it’s your site’s setup that’s causing trouble.

3. Have an Achievement Counter

An achievement counter is an excellent way of convincing customers that they should do business with you. Make sure you conduct a survey and relay accurate information. Cooking up figures to convince readers and customers of your competence will surely backfire on you.

You should strive to exceed your customer’s expectations to encourage more positive reviews. Customers like numbers because it helps them know what they’re getting themselves into. Numbers and facts help you establish trust and this is how you get loyal customers.

4. Utilize your Negative Space

You must be wondering what negative space is. Well, in website design, it is whitespace on your site that has no elements. This can be between your content and the header, or between the content and the sidebar.

So how can one use their negative space? Well, you can place elements that attract and engage our customers. These are excellent places to position your call-to-actions because they’ll be right in front of the customer. This by extension, increases your conversation rate.

5. Use the F Layout

This is yet another technical term in website design. The F layout allows customers to read your website pages in a natural way. Most people tend to read content from left to right and the F layout encourages it.

The layout also ensures that readers can easily scan what you have on a page. Since the maximum attention of readers is usually at the top of the page, you should always place your CTAs at the top half of your articles. This encourages customers to take action.


As we have seen, website design plays a huge role in boosting the sales of an online business. Make use of these tips to make more sales. Remember that your content is not the only thing that’ll keep customers coming back for more.

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