Why You Should Get a Cheap SSL

If you have a website, you’ve probably heard that getting an SSL certificate is important. Once you delve into researching, you may have noticed that SSL certificates have varying price points. Is a more expensive SSL better than a cheap SSL? This post is going to argue that the answer to this is a resounding “No!”. Read on to find out why.

Why SSL Certificates are Important

Before we talk about why cheap SSL certificates are just as good as the more expensive ones, first we need to delve into why it’s important to install an SSL certificate on your site. When your site has an SSL, it secures the connection between your site and your users’ browsers. Anything sent over this connection is encrypted, meaning that only those at either end of the connection (you and your customer) have access to the information sent. When any prying eyes or malicious third parties attempt to access this information, all they will be able to see is scrambled, unreadable data. 

These days, having an SSL certificate is crucial for privacy and customer peace of mind.

Why cheap SSLs?

If you’re doing SSL research, you might at first be suspicious about how cheap some SSLs are in comparison to others. It’s not too surprising — there’s a reason why “you get what you pay for” is such a popular saying. But just because it’s popular doesn’t mean it’s always true. And that’s especially with the case SSL certificates.

When you cut through the marketing lingo about how one SSL store’s SSL certificates offer the most “powerful encryption”, it becomes clear that there’s a flaw in their advertising: ultimately, all SSL certificates are basically the same. All SSL certificates sold today offer 256-bit encryption strength, whether they’re cheap or more pricy. What makes a key difference is how well your SSL works actually comes down to your website server settings, so be sure to investigate those to ensure that your SSL is as robust as can be.

What does make a difference when purchasing an SSL, however, is the Certificate Authority that issues the certificate if the issuing CA isn’t trusted by major browsers, it will be flagged as “not secure” to website users, which is sure to impact your traffic. So be sure to do your research on the different CAs before you make a purchase.


Ultimately the argument boils down to why pay more for something when you really don’t have to? Cheap SSL certificates offer just as good encryption as the more expensive alternatives, plus they’re, well, cheaper! You can use the money you save on SSL by investing in another key area of the site. Get a cheap SSL today and start securing user experience ASAP.

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