7 Apps That Help Prevent Violence

The smartphone that almost everyone carries with them all the time can save lives – new apps allow you to quickly contact the police or loved ones in case of a threat, record evidence and save it to a cloud service, and understand that you find yourself in a potentially dangerous relationship. 

We chose 6 apps that are made to prevent violence. Look for more apps at appslikethese.


SafeTrack is an app that makes users feel safe as they move from one place to another (think dark parking lot, empty street, or underpass).

The app works very simply: when you find yourself in a situation where you are scared, you simply press and hold the button on the screen. If nothing happens, you release the button and enter the 4-digit code. If you feel that you are in danger, you release the button and don’t enter the code – the app automatically sends a call for help along with the exact coordinates of your location to the nearest police station.


The iMatter app was developed by Rosie Batty, mother of the boy Luke, who was murdered by his father. The purpose of the app is to help young women learn to recognize the signals of an unhealthy relationship with an abusive partner and to work on their self-esteem.

The app contains inspirational messages and videos, helpful content, and interactive tests to help identify if your relationship or that of your friends is threatened.

ICE BlackBox

If you find yourself in a dangerous situation, you can use the BlackBox app to record audio, video, and GPS information and automatically upload this information to a cloud service from where it cannot be deleted either by you or the person threatening you. This way, these recordings become irrefutable evidence of situations in which you have been threatened. The application also allows you to call 911 and automatically send recordings to selected contacts.


TD411 is an app that helps young people recognize and prevent violence from their partners. The app, whose name stands for “teen dating 411,” explains to teens how to identify potentially violent behavior and what to do if a partner is acting aggressively.

Young people often find it particularly difficult to understand when their partner is exhibiting unhealthy behavior in a relationship:

“If a young person is in a romantic relationship for the first time and their partner texts them 40 times a day, it may seem very cute. But it’s actually elements of controlling behavior,” – says Karen Jarmock, director of the organization that developed the app. – TD411 will help them understand that.”

Hollie Guard

The Hollie Guard app is named after the girl Holly killed by her boyfriend. Holly’s parents developed an app that can help keep others safe from domestic violence and save lives.

In case you find yourself in danger, you just need to shake or touch the screen for the alarm to go off. In this case, your location and audio, video evidence will be automatically sent to a contact of your choice who can help you.

Circle of 6

The Circle of 6 app was originally designed for college students to help them prevent sexual assault. But it’s proven to be suitable and useful for anyone who cares about safety.

The app allows you to choose 6 people you trust, these people you can tell in two clicks where you are and that you need help.


The purpose of this service is the same: to let your loved ones know that you are in trouble.

The app has three options “I’mFine”, “FollowMe”, and “Helpme”. When you go somewhere (for example, going home late at night or passing through a dangerous neighborhood), you enter your destination and the time at which you should arrive there. After that, you set your status to “FollowMe.” Your loved ones will then be informed of your location. When you get to a safe location, change your status to “I’mFine.” If your status does not change after a period of time, your loved ones will receive a message asking them to help you. In an emergency situation, press the “Helpme” button, the app will send your trusted contacts information about your location with a signal for help.

The app is convenient because when you activate “FollowMe” and “Helpme” status, the app is shown on the screen even in locked mode.

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