5 Top Online Video Editing Tools for Your Video Marketing Business

Well, you have learned that video marketing is the key to moving your company to the next level while keeping up with evolving digital consumer expectations and online marketing efforts, but where exactly should you begin your video marketing endeavors?

It is helpful to define the kinds of films you want, and how/where you want them to be put on the market, but you’d still have to design, produce and edit your promotional videos in order to be able to wow your core demographic with your offerings of your business. Moreover, how else can you evaluate how effectively these films work?

With everything in mind, you will be happy to hear that many video marketing tools and software are available to assist you on the road. These solutions allow you to produce excellent films for your company even if you do not have video animation or software editing expertise.

This post outlines some of the top online video editing solutions for video marketers that can help them in easing out their video creation and marketing journey. Let’s get started with the list!

5 Top Online Video Editing Tools for Video Marketing

1. Adobe Spark

Created by Adobe Systems, Adobe Spark is an excellent video editing solution. Its creator (Adobe) is recognized for Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, and Lightroom software, and any social media manager cannot deny the flexibility and creative goodness that its tools provide.

You can quickly produce video tales, social media graphics, and other visual material with our online media editor. Moreover, a vast collection of licensed pictures and icons is accessible.

The Creative Commons license allows you to utilize some of the content supplied for free. You may also upload custom pictures from your PC or from online storage such as Dropbox or Google Drive.  

2. Clipchamp

The Clipchamp is a versatile product for both experts and regular consumers. This program is a very sophisticated video editor. It does not fall flat when compared to professional desktop video editing applications.

Several of the advantages of Clipchamp is it’s confidentiality feature amongst other video editing solutions. No one apart from you can access your videos created using the Clipchamp video editor.

Such protection of privacy in online apps is not very prevalent. Even Clipchamp staff do not have accessibility to your video without your consent. Clipchamp, like other video editors, offers a wide range of templates.

A template may be found for virtually every kind of video. Clipchamp also provides audio and video stock material. This application facilitates the creation, compression, and conversion of videos. But you need at least a Business Payment Plan to save your completed movie in Full HD.

3. Fastreel

The Fastreel video editor is yet another free-of-cost editing solution. It enables users to edit videos quickly and easily. This program features a straightforward and aesthetically appealing design.

If you wish, you may add music and subtitles to your videos. Fastreel also provides a collection of templates. All templates, other than their color palettes, may be customized in every manner.

Fastreel offers a broad variety of input formats, however, only MP4, the most common video file, may be saved. Fastreel offers paid-out plans, for example, if you do not want a watermark on your video, a single prize option where you may modify and save your movie once.

4. InVideo

InVideo is a browser-based online video editor that has garnered 1.5M+ users from over 190 countries. It directly delivers a fully-featured online video editor straight to your browser by simply navigating to its website.

It’s a fantastic means to create video advertisements, promotional films, and videos for social media. This online video editing tool includes more than 4000+ premium-looking layouts, premium media elements, text fields, and many more video editing options.

If you are new to the video editing game, the intuitive interface makes it very simple to craft amazing-looking videos with ease. Aside from the templates, the tool also includes the coveted text-to-video feature that allows creators to craft an appealing video using just plain text.

You can either enter custom text or point its platform to any blog’s URL and it will be instantly converted into an appealing video.

5. WeVideo

WeVideo is excellent, semi-professional. It contains nearly all the features that you need to edit everyday videos. This program is for private, educational, and commercial use. WeVideo provides a large number of legally licensed pictures, videos, music, and templates.

All these resources are free to use. Users may add themes to your video and use Instagram-like effects. With a chroma key, you may add whatever backdrop you choose. This function is helpful for green-screen videos. WeVideo has some disadvantages, like with any other program.

For example, WeVideo’s free version is restricted in capabilities. The final video also has a watermark. If you discover you have the appropriate video editor, WeVideo offers one of the lowest payment options. The Ultimate package is $29.99 a month for a free 1-week trial.


These are several free online video producers that you may use on both Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile devices directly in your browser if you want as all of these are browser-based solutions for creating better social graphics.

Almost all of these online movie producers are straightforward to use since their editing capabilities are basic. However, some may require to register to utilize the internet video editing tools first, while others may leave a floating watermark in their freemium model.

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