5 Fantastic WordPress Templates for Students

A website for university, college, or faculty is not a whim but a strict necessity for modern days. If someone wants to learn more about higher school institutions or write a paper service, they look for it on the net. A good-looking and appealing website is a cornerstone of the institution’s success.

The platform WordPress offers a solid foundation for the creation of a good website for educational purposes. Even the lack of knowledge in coding would not be a problem. The easy and intuitive interface and many templates will help you create a website in a few clicks. Still, how do you choose the right template?

There are criteria to which you should pay attention when you are choosing a template:

  • Customization. Customization is available for WordPress themes but not for all of them. Thus, if a theme has this feature, it is a plus. Customization will help you to create a distinct look for your website.
  • Design adapted for smartphones. More and more people visit educational websites via smartphones. Mobile devices slowly overtake desktops in terms of using the Internet. So, a WordPress template should be smartphone-friendly for the best user experience.
  • SEO optimized. It is an elusive yet very important element of design. An SEO-optimized template will help your website to appear more often during search requests. For example, if a student asks “proofread my essay,” an optimized template will appear one of the first.
  • Different sections. People who visit an educational website look not only for academic courses. They want to learn more about other perks that the institution has. Intuitive blocks of information will help to distribute all benefits of the institution equally.
  • Contact form. It is another vital piece of information for your website. Make sure that the template has this section and it can be easily edited.
  • Social media integration. Integration with social media will help to increase the online presence of the institution. The online following will help to increase enrollment. It contributes to the overall success of the institution.

Fantastic WordPress Templates for Students

The following list of templates meets the criteria mentioned above. Each of the provided themes meets the requirements. They provide options for your educational website customization and optimizing. There is no particular order in the templates. Each of them meets different goals and is equally good at it.

Education Zone

Education Zone is a perfect example of a template for students. It is SEO optimized and mobile users friendly. The template has a premium-looking design and intuitive navigation. You can easily integrate any social media links and highlight all the important information.

It has all the features of a good-looking platform for students. All the important information can be evenly spread across different sections. Call to action buttons will keep users engaged. Overall, Education Zone provides a comfortable and appealing user experience.

The template has a special area with four-page links. It is useful to store the most vital information of your institution and gather traffic. Besides, the template is translation-friendly and may be converted into any language.


Rishi is a multiformat, professional WordPress template, which includes education websites as well. Rishi has an intuitive and user-friendly interface. The blocks of information on the main page will help to show all the necessary information for students.

Besides, Rishi has a great space for customization. The theme has different layouts, color schemes, and font variations. You may customize the website as much as you like and make it unique.

Atop of all other benefits, Rishi is well-optimized in all aspects. Search engines will find the website with the Rishi design with a higher probability. Moreover, the template has great performance optimization and will work fast on any device.

Rara Academic

Rara Academic is a professional, engaging WordPress template. It has the necessary package of SEO optimization, an appealing interface, and all the necessary blocks of information ready to hand.

The main feature of this template is the call to action (CTA) buttons. The design of the template was created to make visitors stay as long as it is possible. If you want to engage people more and make them interested in what you have to offer, then Rara Academic is a perfect choice.

As a pleasant bonus, the template is translation-ready and may be adapted for any language.

University Zone

Visual appeal is the main focus of University Zone. It is a free template with premium features that will help your website look distinct. You can choose from a wide range of background colors or upload your image as background. You can even use a video file as a background for the landing page.

The template has a commodious courses section with distinct separation by blocks. Besides, the template offers the gallery tab to highlight the brightest moments from the institution’s history.

University Zone has utility features as well. The template offers a search tab for checking vital information. Contact information and social media integration are present as well. University Zone is a fine template for the representation of your institution for students.


Astra is a highly customizable theme with a lot of templates. You may choose from university, private teacher, specialized school, and even kindergarten templates. There are different options for color schemes, fonts, and layouts.

Astra does not require any knowledge of coding. Each element of customization works like drag and drop. You show any relevant information in any way that fits your establishment.

At the same time, the template gives wide functionality and fine-tuning of the website. Also, Astra has monetization instruments. If you are an online institution or a private teacher, Astra will help to create usable means for payments.

Final Words

There are far more impressive templates for students by WordPress. The list above is an example of prime templates that fit different purposes and have all the necessary components. Whether you are an experienced web designer or only start to create educational websites, templates by WordPress are a fine starting point for your institution.

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