9 Resources to Get You Started With Tech

One of the most sought-after fields for better knowledge and jobs in this digital age is definitely tech. It is not only a highly lucrative field but one that also offers a majority of its employees’ excellent job satisfaction and pay. But, as good as the tech field is, it requires good degrees of working knowledge and experience to get into. Succeeding in the field with the best jobs certainly requires a whole lot more. Thankfully, today, there are several resources that can help those who want to get into tech.

Today, education doesn’t need to be too expensive. In fact, much of it can be attained at no cost at all. How? Well, we live in a highly digitized world. Most of us have  multiple electronic devices and high-speed internet connection. And because of this, several educational institutes were able to create provisions for students to get better education. And in no time at all, these institutions were able to cover just about all conceivable subjects and topics. In this article, we will draw a list of (mostly free) educational resources that can help one get started with tech.

But before we jump into the article, students should know that they should also look after their academic performances. And if in doing so they sometimes find themselves overloaded, they can easily seek certain professional services to help them out with their work. For example, students who turn to each other saying ‘hey, I need help with my homework’ can avail themselves of top services from top platforms. Students can log on to these platforms and select relevant experts in their fields to complete their jobs.

1. Articles & Blogs in Tech

In today’s hyper-digital climate, most companies simply need to regularly post content. But this content also needs to be educational and informative. Luckily, in the field of tech, there isn’t really much room to fluff around.

Also, an excellent way to fulfill one’s audience’s thirst for knowledge is to regularly publish articles and blogs. Invariably, one of the best sources to stay up to date with the latest in the tech field is to read more online. Students are advised to find credible publications and websites like TechCrunch, Mashable, Lifehacker, Gizmodo, and more.

2. Educational & Research Papers

Educational and research papers usually contain a lot more in-depth information than articles and blogs. Such papers gather information from various credible sources. The purpose is to brainstorm and share ideas, opinions, and thoughts about some of the most crucial topics in the field. Just like with college paper writing when you might ask for help writing my papers. Much of the information is usually taken from the best tech books, interviews, and other technical documents.

Such papers are available in E-book or PDF formats which make them easier to download and read. Students can browse some of the top tech companies to find the best research papers.

3. Coursera

Today, Coursera as an educational platform almost requires no introduction. It is one of the oldest and best-performing ones in terms of delivering online education.

Today, the platform offers a slew of courses and programs from almost every comprehensible field of study. Of all the courses, some of the most sought-after and successful ones are in the field of tech like AI, coding, machine learning, and more. Coursera also offers several accredited certifications and degrees along with their courses.


Founded in 1993, WIRED is a major digital and print publication in the field of tech. The main focus of this giant tech platform is how new and emerging technologies affect our culture, economy, and politics. The platform regularly reviews innovations, new technologies, and more. 

Those who wish to be thought leaders in tech need to always keep themselves updated with the latest developments in the field. And, one of the best ways to do so is to regularly visit and read a top publication or website like WIRED.

5. Khan Academy

Founded in 2008, Khan Academy is an American non-profit organization that provides its students with free education. The platform offers several classes, courses, and programs across a wide range of topics.

Students can take up a foundation, general, or specialized courses for each subject or topic. Although most of its courses range from Class 1 to 12, students can also take courses to prepare for exams. Khan Academy provides short video lessons, practice exercises or tests, and other educational material for students and teachers. 

6. Udemy

Udemy has been a major game-changer in the field of online education and learning. However, its courses in tech have consistently been one of its most used segments to date. The application and website provide students with a wide range of lessons that mostly come in pre-recorded videos and brief exercises.

The platform’s review system can help learners filter and pick out the most appropriate courses for them. Udemy students also become part of a lifelong community of learners who continue to nourish each other even after their courses are completed.

7. YouTube

YouTube quickly turned into an educational monolith when creators saw its potential to reach vast audiences. Founded in 2005, the platform is the second most visited website with over a billion monthly users. The best part about learning from YouTube is that it has something for everyone.

Whether one is looking to excel in the tech field or even get started, one can easily find relevant material on the platform. Some of the best tech YouTube channels to get started are The Verge, Linus Tech Tips, Android Authority, Unbox Therapy, and more.

8. Harvard Online Learning

Perhaps one of the online educational platforms from one of the most esteemed and nice academic institutions. Harvard Online Learning provides several courses and programs in some of the most popular fields to its students for free.

The online platform offers its courses through several educational content providers. Some of them are EdX, GetSmarter, Harvard Business School (HBX), HarvardX, and more. One can find courses on almost every tech-related subject on the platform. The purpose of Harvard Online Learning is to provide top-notch education from Harvard at no cost at all.

9. Code Academy

Most of the tech-related fields require at least some knowledge about coding. And, the best way to learn more about coding is to study coding languages. Code Academy also offers programs in front-end and back-end web development. Code Academy offers lessons for twelve different coding languages.

Some of the most sought-after courses are in Python, Java, C++, JavaScript, Ruby, and Swift. Code Academy also programs in the two main markup languages – CSS and HTML.

The Bottom Line

Today, online educational resources offer the easiest and smoothest ways of breaking through into tech. And, the best part is that most of the top-rated educational platforms offer their best courses at no cost at all. Such online courses and programs are free because it is much easier to provide pre-recorded textual and video lessons as it is not a continuous or recurring process.

This is certainly a boon to all those who wish to learn and seek better opportunities in life. Accordingly, students should always capitalize on these opportunities to break their way into the tech field.

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