How To Motivate Yourself To Work When You’re Just Not Feeling It

To say the pandemic has been harsh would be an understatement. With the strict social distancing norms in place, businesses had to shift to the remote work culture. Employers have had to quickly adapt to hiring and onboarding remotely, which has in turn made pre-screening and DBS checks even more important. Where in the beginning employees saw it as a welcome change, now it has become a hassle.

Working from home does mean being supremely comfortable and working in your pajamas while sitting on your couch, but it also means handling multiple distractions throughout the day. These distractions can make it difficult to concentrate and ruin your productivity.

Business owners have resorted to providing online learning solutions through LMSs to increase remote employee engagement and productivity. With the flexibility that comes with the Absorb LMS pricing structure, it has become a favorite in the business world for remote employee training.

Another major issue with working from home is the lack of motivation. Somedays you know you have your schedule filled with important work, but all you do is stare at the screen or scroll on social media platforms. No matter what, you just don’t feel like working.

For such days, here are 5 practical solutions that will help motivate you to work:

1. See work as a learning opportunity

Looking at work as a chore will never help you. It will only make it more difficult to dive into work. Instead, look at work as a way of learning something new.

If it’s not something new and you have been doing it for some time, look at it as a way of getting better at it. Changing your perspective can do wonders.

2. Break down your work into small chunks

A proven way to increase motivation is to create small chunks of a big portion of work. This reduces the pressure attached to it and makes you feel like it’s a very small task.

Keep accomplishing these small tasks one by one with breaks in between. This will make the process more enjoyable and increase the chances of you finishing the entire work.

3. Give yourself incentives

One of the best ways to motivate yourself is to reward yourself for successfully achieving something in a fixed time frame. It’s like challenging yourself.

So basically you pick up a task and decide the required amount of time for it. Then attach an incentive to it – like a 30-minute break or indulging in your favorite snack. This pushes you to do things by fostering a positive feeling of accomplishment. 

4. Don’t underestimate your needs

A lot of times you aren’t feeling it is because you are emotionally exhausted. Instead of beating yourself up for not being motivated, pay attention to your needs. Ignoring them will only make the situation worse.

If the problem is that you feel socially disconnected, spend some time reconnecting with your friends and family. If you feel like you’re going through depression or anxiety, seek professional help. 

5. Change your surroundings

A very easy way to motivate yourself is to change your work location. If you usually work in your home office, go out and sit in the garden. If you don’t have a garden, choose a safe cafe that is not quiet and very populated.

Working in a different location brings in different energy. This takes you away from the distractions and makes it easy for you to concentrate. Choose your work location depending on your work purpose.


Everyone has good days and bad days. Bad days do not mean you are not capable of performing well. It just means you need to get creative on such days to motivate yourself and get back on track.

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