Top Tips For Students For Managing the First WordPress Website

For students, it is as important to have a WordPress website as it is integral for businessmen and professionals. This is because students can share their work samples or portfolios through those sites or can make money through AdSense or other similar services. For this purpose, they will have to write and publish high quality and unique articles every single day and must share their posts everywhere on social media, online forums and other platforms where they can drive traffic from.

If you are ready to have your first website but don’t know how to get started, you should keep in mind the following points.

Find the right web hosting plan

First of all, you have to fight the right kind of web hosting plan. You can check with the top websites like EssayZoo and others to know which hosting plans they are using. Another idea is to make a search or Google to get the complete list of best web hosting services. Make sure you have conducted sufficient research in this regard because some hosting services that appear on the first pages of search engines are actually good for nothing. Or you can check Websitequest or GreenGeeks web hosting reviews. Spend some time there, read the thoroughly written reviews and try to find an appropriate hosting service for you then move forward and choose the provider and plan of your desire.

Use Google Analytics

In order to have a good website builder and to generate quality traffic to different web pages, you can use Google Analytics. This tool is being used by almost all blog and website owners. It is meant to give an idea of the type of traffic your site is receiving. Maybe, your site is not receiving good quality traffic, and with Google Analytics, you can get to know the sources of your visitors as well as their IP addresses and may improve these sources depending on your requirements.

Install a plugin for SEO

If you are thinking that how to create a website, let us make it clear that a website cannot be created or ranked well if an SEO friendly plugin has not been installed. For example, you can go with YoastSEO. With this plugin, you will be able to improve the search engine ranking of your site and can add descriptions, meta titles, keywords and different phrases throughout the content. Overall, you will be able to enhance the on-page SEO of your site using this plugin.

Compress images

After selecting the right kinds of Wordpress plugins, the next step is to compress images or photos you might use on your website. This will help them save extra space and the quality of images will be improved to a great extent. Some students and writers think that it is not too important to compress the photos they use, but this is not so. By compressing images, you can upload as many photos to your site without any major problem as you like. This will also save you extra time.

Prioritize safety

Once a site begins getting good results or outputs, it is likely to be attacked by hackers or spammers. In order to avoid this problem, you must prioritize safety. The best idea is to go for a plugin that can keep spam comments and fake users away from your site. This is as important, because you need to sort spam messages from important, such as user say ‘please write my essay for me cheap.’ In addition, you should go with a plugin that can keep copycats from copying the content or articles of your site.

Learn how to use heading tags and meta tags

If you are serious about bringing your site or blog to the first page of search engines, then you have to learn how to use headings, subheadings, and meta tags. Please bear in mind that all these things are meant to improve the ranking of one or more web pages and that you will have to insert heading tags and meta tags at appropriate places. For instance, if you are writing an article on technology, then meta tags should be relevant to the topic and should not be on medicines, engineering or another topic.

All about Domain Names

It is integral to check the availability of a domain name because not all names are available. For this purpose, you first have to decide the nature of content or types of articles you want to publish. Based on that, you can choose a good domain name which ideally should have the main keyword. Once a domain name has been chosen, you should check its availability to ensure that you are on the right path. The chance is that it will be available with .com, .org, or another name.

Use Elementor

Its purpose is to eliminate the things that are not needed for your site. For example, you can use Elementor include appropriate and most relevant ads, banners and widgets across the website. You can also add extra features and options to your site depending on its overall layout, the expectations of your target audience and your own requirements.

Choose only good themes

Finally, you should select the right kind of theme. If you have some confusion in this regard, you can check an excellent design at websites such as Ideally, users are provided with tons or dozens of themes, most of which are free but have only specific or limited features and options. If you want to get the best out of a theme, then you should go with a premium or paid version. This will provide you with extra features and options and will allow you to change the layout, font and overall look of your site without any major issue.

In conclusion, we can say that it is easy for anyone to create a website or blog. What matters the most is the quality of your content; if you do not write good quality articles and do not pay any attention to the search engine optimization, you will never get the desired results. These tips and ideas have been presented to make the work of students easier. We suggest you select the responsive theme for your site and do not install too many plugins because this could cause problems for you and for the people who come to your site to read some articles or to gain information.

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