Invoices: Peculiarities and Pieces of Advice

An invoice is a tool that makes it easy for companies to inform clients it’s high time to pay. Such a document can be sent to customers via any channels convenient for you and for the client. It can be email, SMS, etc. Invoice is the international format of the documentation that the company that provides services sends to the buyer. The invoice contains a list of goods and services, their quantity, price, features of the goods (weight, color, model, etc.), as well as information about the sender and recipient of funds for the goods/services (payment details).

What must be included?

Free invoice maker offers numerous useful options that help to make your invoices as good as possible. The first thing people pay attention to while using those is the possibility to add a logo. We recommend using this option, as it will help your customers to remember where they’ve bought specific services. A good idea is to choose the style to reflect your brand. Choose similar fonts, colors, style in general. 

What else must be included in an invoice? Have a look at the list:

  1. Invoice date.
  2. Invoice number.
  3. The name of your company and your contact information (make sure there are no mistakes).
  4. A clear description of goods.
  5. Supply date.
  6. Payment terms.
  7. Information about the receiver.
  8. Currency.
  9. VAT amount.

Another thing we haven’t discussed yet is the importance of providing correct payment details. If the company doesn’t receive the money, quite often the reason for it is the company itself. Be extremely attentive when adding payment details. If there are any mistakes, you will be the one to suffer from those. 

Effective invoicing: how to make it as simple as possible?

We have prepared a list of pieces of advice concerning invoices to make using those maximally easy for you. The more you know – the more you can do, right?

Software is the key

If your company is a rather big one, you definitely have lots of clients. Just imagine the number of invoices to be prepared! Of course, you can make any employee do it manually, but be ready it will take plenty of time and effort. Nowadays, a better solution exists – automatized invoice generators. One of those is Using this generator, one can quickly create an invoice for free. There is no need to guess where to insert this or that data – everything is clear and understandable. Sending invoices is a great marketing strategy that can help you to make clients remember your company. 

Think about your payment policy

As you can see, preparing and sending invoices is not a problem if you use specialized software. But there are many other factors you should consider. The first one is the payment modes. Determine what is acceptable for you. Besides, this about your due dates and about what you will do if the clients don’t pay on time.

Electronic invoices can help

Sometimes, paper invoices can be lost. A great choice that can help to avoid such a problem is electronic invoices. They will never get lost. Besides, payment for services will be quicker, as the client will receive it almost instantly. 

Keep everything simple

No matter what size of business you have, a need for sending invoices is always present. Few people like payment procedures, so your task is to make the procedure as smooth, simple, and understandable, as you can. If you include in an invoice some details your client may not understand, you may get additional problems with getting your money. Understandably, all the important details must be included. We mean it’s better to avoid such things, as payment jargon and terminology that may be difficult for understanding. Use simple language and common words – this way you can be sure the message will be delivered correctly.


If your invoices seem impersonal, nobody will blame you for it. In fact, it’s just ordinary documentation. But if you invest a little bit more time and effort, it can help you to develop your business! Customized invoices will make every customer feel unique. This increases the chances that people will come back. What are the easiest ways to personalize your invoice? For example, you can add a link to other goods/services this particular customer expressed interest in. Besides, you can add a few words about how nice it was to collaborate with the person. 

All in all, nowadays invoicing is much easier than it was several years ago. With our pieces of advice, you won’t have any problems with it.

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