6 Tips How to Organize your Work on the Computer

When you’re working on the computer, you can easily end up watching funny videos on YouTube, sorting emails, or being distracted by phone alerts. To avoid this slippery slope it’s important to focus on what matters. In this article, we’ve gathered 6 tips that will help you stay focused, efficient, and productive.

1. Organize your workspace

No matter whether you work in the office or remotely, you need to keep your workspace in order. Clean up the desk and leave out only what you need for the job. You’ll soon see how easy it is to work with the table cleared and no food crumbs or dust around. Try not to be distracted by social networks, news, and phone calls from your friends. Turn notifications off and switch your phone to silent mode so the ringtone won’t distract you or your colleagues.

We know the office is made for work and home is a place to relax and regain your energy. So it can be a little bit hard when you work at home. Try to find the most convenient workspace in your home. The best option is to have your desk by the window with natural light. Try not to work in the kitchen – you’ll be distracted by the constant temptation to eat something. Invest some time in setting a proper workspace; it will help you to stay productive and focused.

2. Always save your work

Some programs save documents or current workflow automatically. But don’t rely on this; things can go wrong and the system can crash in a second. It takes almost no time to save your work but, if you do, the odds are good that your documents will stay safe after the computer is shut down.

But there’s also a problem with browsers: it’s not always possible to restore all tabs. In this case, be sure to use bookmarks. Just save the page you need and you can easily open it again after a system malfunction.

3. Learn keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts can save you time and help you work faster. The most common are Ctrl+C, Ctrl+X, and Ctrl+V to copy, cut, and paste text. Ctrl+S will help you save your file. Alt+F4 closes the current window. You can also check this list of Windows keyboard shortcuts

4. Pay attention to word count and grammar

This tip is mostly for those who work with text but is important for everyone who writes for work. Word count is an effective tool to help you keep in mind word limits and avoid overwriting. As a result, you’ll save time, as you don’t have to edit your text to fit your requirements. In the article below, you’ll find tips on effective writing on your computer.

Another important tip is to use correct grammar. We don’t always pay attention to grammar mistakes, especially when writing in a foreign language. You can use special grammar and spelling apps or write in Google Documents, which underlines mistakes and corrects them. If you write in English, a good option is to install Grammarly. This simple grammar checker helps you eliminate mistakes and improve punctuation. There is also the Hemingway App, which will help you improve your writing: it highlights common errors and complex sentences that are hard to read. It will also call your attention to adverbs, passive voice, and weak phrases that you can get rid of. For each mistake, there is an explanation so you always understand what’s wrong with the sentence.

5. Set your browser to remember passwords

This tip will save you precious time when you can’t remember your password. Besides, you won’t waste your time entering the password over and over again. Security experts can argue that remembering passwords is not safe, but a password manager can’t make the situation worse if the computer has already been compromised.

6. Windows 10

Windows 10 Pro Download will make you do more without just working more. Windows 10 Pro is your perfect Windows operating system wishlist in terms of security, privacy, data protection, and performance. In Windows 10 pro, you will get all the features on Windows 10 Home operating system plus Remote Desktop, Windows Information Protection, BitLocker, and a suite of other business use tools. And Windows 10 pro licensed is available both for PC and Mac, and you also get a choice of how many licenses you want to purchase depending on your team or number of devices.

Simply put, Windows 10 Pro simplifies identity, device, and application management to let you focus on your task or business. With intuitive control over your IT infrastructure teams, you will be ready for anything. Even more, Windows 10 Pro includes built-in protections for your data, equipment, and people, securing personal identities and business information even on stolen or lost devices.

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