5 Easy Tips To Motivate Your Employees To Learn

Working remotely has its own set of challenges. And now the pandemic has made it even more challenging due to the social distancing norms. It has led to employees feeling isolated which makes them feel lonely and reduces their motivation.

Employers are now finding it difficult to get employees to finish online training courses as well due to lack of motivation. Considering employee training programs are crucial to their growth, employers must find ways to get employees excited about learning.

We have listed below some of the easiest ways to motivate your employees for training & development:

1. Use uncomplicated software

A cluttered and difficult-to-use training software can make it difficult for employees to find the information they are looking for. Make sure you provide them a training platform that’s uncomplicated and easy to navigate.

One of the best training software known for its top-notch functionality and user-intuitive interface is Docebo. Moreover, the Docebo pricing structure is based on the number of active users, making it an ideal option for small and large businesses alike.

2. Offer performance-based rewards

Human beings are more likely to indulge in an activity if there is a reward attached to it. When employees are made aware that they will be rewarded based on their training performance, it increases the chances of them engaging with the training content.

These rewards could be intrinsic or extrinsic rewards. For instance, you can acknowledge their performance in front of their team to make them feel a sense of achievement or provide them an incentive for being the top performer in their team.

3. Make training content easily digestible

One of the major reasons employees leave training halfway is because they find it too complicated to understand. The training content should be designed in a way to explain the most difficult topics in the easiest possible way.

This can be achieved by using microlearning principles when developing the course content. It means breaking down complex modules into small chunks that are easy to consume. This helps employees learn faster and without feeling overwhelmed with information.

4. Make learning social

Employees find learning alone a very boring task which is why they are not able to complete the training course. By providing them a way to collaborate and learn together, you can get provide them social engagement which will increase their motivation to learn.

You can conduct instructor-led training sessions which allow employees to interact with each other as well as the instructor. This will also provide them a way to get instant clarification on any doubts they may have in the self-paced online courses.

5. Customize the training experience

A common reason for the lack of employee motivation is the generic training content. When employees are made to go through a huge training course with a lot of irrelevant training content, they are bound to feel disengaged. This can be changed by removing any unnecessary topics that are not related to their work.

Figure out what exactly an employee needs to learn instead of dumping an overload of information on them so as to provide them a more personalized learning experience. This customization of training content will reduce the time they spend on training will become a major motivation for them to finish the course. 


It can be a major loss for any company if its employees don’t make the most of a learning & development course. Before designing it, ask your employees what they want to learn. This will ensure they are motivated to learn when the training rolls out. Encourage a culture of continuous learning so employees feel excited to learn in order to grow in their careers. 

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