DIY Digital Marketing For Business Owners – Best Apps For Market Research

Digital marketing is a form of advertising that relies on the internet and other digital devices. Startups use digital marketing to reach out to their audience. The best part about digital marketing is that you can do it yourself if you learn a few tricks. It all starts with market research. 

How to Conduct Market Research for Digital Marketing ?

What is market research ? This is gathering information about target consumers and customers. It’s the part of digital marketing that tells you what and how to advertise. There are different ways to do market research. Some of them are listed below.

Use Social Media

Today, your target audience might be one social media post away. These social media platforms can be used to do research. Take time to view existing accounts and keep track of posts and feedback to your suggestions. For example, you can create a Twitter poll asking your audience to choose between two types of products or services. Use the promotion service to push the poll so you can reach more people. 

Choose the Right Analytics Tools

Analytics tools help you to keep track of engagements on your posts. However, these analytics tools also display posts with the most engagement. It tells you the cohort that engages the post most, their locations, age, etc. 

Don’t Underestimate Forms and Surveys

Forms and surveys are tools you can use to ask your customers and prospects specific questions about their needs or opinion of a product or service. You can offer incentives to propel people to take the surveys. Things like Amazon gift cards or actual cash rewards will help. 

Take Advantage of Online Forums 

Forums are a great way to research because you can post questions and get different answers from people. You can also view already existing questions and interactions from other people. Examples of such forums are Reddit, Discord and Quora.


Conducting market research in digital marketing is the first stage of your campaign that acts as a roadmap for the rest of the campaign. You can get more information from a reliable digital marketing Blog.

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