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The year 2020 marked the period when almost everything shifted online. Teachers conducted classes, bosses held office meeting discussions, and even friends celebrated birthdays through video calls. In short, physical communication became online in no time.  

While many people were lucky enough to go through online video calls, a good number of users struggled throughout the year. They experienced various problems such as poor connection, internet storage and the biggest of all, a lousy webcam recorder. 

Since video cameras are the primary tool needed to record videos, there is a rise in their usage more than ever since the pandemic struck. Many webcam recorders come inbuilt with laptops and PC but don’t always work the best. 

Hence, we have online webcam recorders designed to help users communicate online without any problems. The online video camera is perfect for those looking to complete their work while saving their money at the same time. 

Functions of An Online Webcam Recorder

A webcam recorder, software or tool is specially created to integrate a webcam into your laptop or PC. It allows you to record and stream videos from your device. Aside from recording videos, you can also capture screen activities and share them with people efficiently. 

A webcam recorder isn’t limited to just online classes and meetings. You can make video tutorials and in-depth information content for your online audience as well. If you are a Youtuber and cannot afford a digital camera right now, many webcam recorders are available online for free.  

When you don’t have a sound recorder, you find yourself losing interest in creating or being part of an online video. However, when you pick a good web camera, it helps in your workflow and boosts your productivity. 

No matter the kind of user you are, teacher, student, business owner, YouTuber or live streamer, you must have the best webcam recorder. 

Here Are The 5 Best Webcam Recorders for 2021 That Will Enhance Your Online Content and Sessions This Year: 

1. Screen Capture 

Screen Capture is a one-stop for all users looking for an online video camera. The free webcam recorder runs perfectly for webinars, online meetings while also making instructional videos, tutorials, and live streaming. 

This online webcam recorder is user-friendly and has many options for recording videos. While exporting the video, it saves them in MP4 format.

To record online videos, head to the Screen Capture website, adjust recording settings, start recording the video and save it once you are satisfied. It is that easy and straightforward.  

Screen Capture software works with Windows, Mac and Linux devices.  

Here are some of the features of Screen Capture:

  • Exports video in HD quality 
  • Supports browsers such as Google Drive, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Microsoft edge 
  • Displays keystroke and mouse clicks 
  • Supports separate webcam recording

Pros of Screen Capture: 

  • A convenient webcam recorder 
  • No installation required 
  • Secure and private webcam recorder 
  • An easy to user interface 
  • Free of cost 

Cons of Screen Capture: 

  • The output videos are watermarked in the free version
  • Needs to have additional video editing software to have developed tools 

2. Bandicam  

Bandicam is an online webcam recorder available for Windows. It is a lightweight and compelling recorder that captures your screen in high quality.  

Working as a screen recorder, it also captures 3D and 4D games with 4K quality. Bandicam offers smartphone casting, screencasting, PlayStation and Xbox gameplays, Apple TV and HDTV screens directly on your Windows PC.  

Bandicam supports H. 264 codecs which accelerates your recording to a high speed and compresses the video while providing high-quality output. The online webcam recorder is a versatile and helpful tool for different users. 

Here are some of the features of Bandicam:

  • Allows you to draw on videos and screenshot in real-time 
  • Adds webcam overlay 
  • Has a scheduled recording option 
  • Records your audio as well as the system’s audio at the same time 
  • Adds mouse effects and animation during recording 
  • It makes a chrome key in real-time  

Pros of Bandicam: 

  • Available to users for free 
  • Easy to use and navigate 
  • Has powerful and versatile editing tools  
  • A secured online webcam recorder 

Cons of Bandicam:  

  • The free version has limited features 
  • Only adds logos in the Png format 
  • It does not support Mac devices 

3. Logitech Capture

Logitech Capture is a high-tech webcam that works efficiently for Windows devices. It has several recording tools which you can use to create and customize videos using your webcam. 

The online webcam recorder lets users record, save and share files through online platforms of your choice. Logitech Capture allows access to the immediate recording through multiple recording devices or sources.  

It lets users use two monitors simultaneously for video recordings while monitoring them on the same window. The webcam takes screenshots with just a click and has different options for frame rates and resolutions.  

Logitech Capture also supports high-quality recordings that are ideal for mobile users. The online webcam recorder helps live stream videos on Facebook and YouTube smoothly. Logitech Capture is a reliable webcam recorder that makes the creation process fun, quick and intuitive. 

Here are some of the Features of Logitech: 

  • Records video from multiple sources 
  • Creates vertical video for optimized viewing on mobile phones 
  • Personalized video content with live text overlays 
  • Quickly applies filters, transitions and borders for creative videos  
  • Has camera customization options 
  • Makes use of customizable hotkeys to control features 

Pros of Logitech: 

  • Provides high-speed recording facilities 
  • High-resolution video outputs 
  • Users can directly share content on online social platforms 
  • It has a simple yet powerful interface 
  • Free to download 

Cons of Logitech: 

  • It only works for Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7 
  • The free version has limited features 
  • It does not support outdated Logitech models 

4. ManyCam 

ManyCam is a dynamic online video recorder that works for videos on streaming platforms, online conferences and classes. It suits all sorts of users, from professionals to students and those looking to create innovative videos. 

ManyCam is a powerful yet easy-to-use screencasting and webcam tool that captures high-quality videos. The interface has helpful features where one can directly live stream or share videos in no time. 

If you’re looking for a professional background during conferences and webinars, ManyCam allows you to have a perfect virtual backdrop. It can also add multiple video and camera sources such as PowerPoint, create presets and layers and much more.  

Here are some of the features of ManyCam 

  • Has whiteboard feature 
  • Export and import projects 
  • Provides various options for virtual backgrounds (Chroma Key) 
  • Offers video playlist for better productivity 
  • Supports 4K videos  
  • Let’s users draw and insert texts in live videos 

Pros of Manycam 

  • A feature-packed webcam recorder 
  • Available for Windows and Mac 
  • Free and easy to use 

Cons of Manycam 

  • The free version has limited options for features 
  • No in-built editing tools present 

5. Debut Video Capture 

Debut Video Capture is a basic webcam recorder that offers several facilities. Debut Video Capture is ideal for you if you’re a beginner and don’t want to get involved in technical aspects. 

The interface might look outdated, but the functionality of this online webcam recorder is top-notch. The practicality of this recorder enables videos of different sources and external devices. The IP camera is a unique and helpful feature that provides high-quality videos than an inbuilt webcam.  

Here are some of the features of Debut Video Capture: 

  • Records your entire screen or portion of it 
  • Supports all popular video formats 
  • Uses webcam overlay on videos 
  • Add captions to recordings 
  • Has handy video color adjustments 
  • Records and edits gameplays 

Pros of Debt Video Capture: 

  • Ideal for beginners 
  • Has powerful editing tools 
  • Free to use webcam recorder

Cons of Debut Video Capture:

  • The free version has limited features 
  • The free version be used solely for personal use (non-commercial use) 
  • Only available for Windows  

Our Recommendation

Now that you are aware of the best webcam recorders for 2021, you can expect to communicate with people online effortlessly throughout the year.  

While all webcam tools stand out on their own, we recommended the Screen Capture webcam recorder as it is an all-rounder and provides many features. Screen Capture is free and available for all devices.  

Don’t wait anymore and download Screen Capture today to access the best webcam recorder out of all!

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