Top Apps For Students When Doing Statistics Homework

Doing statistics homework can be frustrating and time-consuming. Sometimes students have no idea how to start accomplishing the task they have been given. Sometimes they simply don’t feel like it. What is more, statistics assignments are known for being quite difficult to complete. As a result, tons of students face challenges with their homework assignments. That is why, so many students are actively looking for ways to make this process at least a little easier. The good news is that finding statistics homework help isn’t difficult these days. Apart from various services that offer stats homework assistance, one can also make use of mobile applications.

So, here are the best apps for college students with the help of which doing statistics homework will get much easier. Most of these apps are available both on iOS and on Android, and figuring out how to use them will not take long. Students can finally make use of a variety of tools at their disposal to make studying less troublesome. 

1. Quick Graph: Your Scientific Graphing Calculator 

This app will prove really useful for students who major in statistics. This is a detailed graphing calculator that can help you graph lines, shapes or equations, plot points and create a 3-dimensional plane. If you are looking for statistics homework help with your assignment, this app will definitely come in handy. What is more, students can use this app to strengthen and practice their skills. Teachers can also use this app during class. 

2. Curve Plotter 

This app will be perfect for anyone who needs assistance with constructing and analyzing graphs and lines. It is often considered as one of the most useful applications for students majoring in statistics or math. So if you need help with statistic homework, try downloading this app first. Producing a graph in Curve Plotter is very easy. It will not take you long to generate calculations in order to find a pattern or relationship between variables as well. What is particularly great about Curve Plotter is that all the information you enter is saved. This way, you can access your graphs easily and anytime you want. 

3. Desmos Graphing Calculator 

This app is the next generation calculator among all currently available graphing calculators which is why lots of students looking for statistics homework help will find it extremely useful. What differs this statistics app from all the others is that Desmos Graphing Calculator can solve graph equations automatically. Apart from that, there are lots of cool functions and features in the app. For instance, it can take a set of data provided by you and create a graph based on that information. Plotting a variety of equations is very easy with this app as well. What is more, it can also graph trig functions, graph exponents and logs, statistics and probability, as well as precalculus and calculus problems. Using this app on a daily basis will make your college life much easier. 

4. PhotoMath 

This app will come in handy to anyone dealing with equations on a daily basis. Here’s how it works: you take a picture of the typed equation and get a step-by-step guide on how to solve the problem. PhotoMath has quickly become one of the most popular apps among students. What is more, it is one of the most downloaded educational apps both in AppStore and in PlayMarket. Some argue that this app does more harm than good as students might use it to cheat. However, teachers have welcomed it with positive reviews as instead of giving a ready answer, PhotoMath teaches students how to solve a problem step-by-step. As a result, students will already know how to deal with similar problems once they come across such assignments. Besides, finding a way to cheat is never a problem for those who really want to cheat instead of working on the assignment on their own. This app is aimed at helping students figure out how to complete their assignment. It has already come in handy to some many people looking for stats homework help which is the reason why so many students swear by it. 

5. HwPic 

This app will be useful to students majoring in any field, not only in statistics. It is basically a tutoring service with the help of which students can send photos of their homework to tutors and receive useful advice on how to complete their assignments. Thus, students majoring in statistics can find statistics tutors on the app and deal with their task much quicker. Typically, tutors reply with a step-by-step solution within minutes which is really helpful for all those students who are in a hurry. Another vital point to mention is that the developers of the app prohibit cheating in their Terms and Conditions which proves that the app has been created to help students learn and improve their skills. Besides, the developers do a lot in order to minimize cheating. Therefore, tutors are not going to help those students who have sent a picture of a test or an exam quiz. The goal is to help with homework solely.

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